A.I.C., Auxiliar de Ingeniería y Control, S.A.was born in1999 with the desire to deepen in the field of quality control of Edification and Public Works Buildings, from two distinct aspects: first, as testing laboratory from which addresses the growing demand for control quality and secondly, as a tool for technical support and analysis of the behavior of various materials and constructive solutions.

AIChas been characterized over the years by the continuing evolution of its human and technological resources. In addition, the type of services offered by AIC has grown and adapted to the changing needs of the construction sector.


A.I.C., Auxiliar de Ingeniería y Control, S.A. developsa policy based on continuous improvement of its processes, which together with an adaptation to market needs, allows to achieve and ensure the highest standards in the performance of its services.

As a direct result of the quality policy, the acreditation by AENOR and awarded Certificate of Company Registration No. 0968/2002 dated 29/07/02 show the conformity of its quality system to the standard UNE-EN ISO 9001 : 2000.


AUXILIAR DE INGENIERÍA Y CONTROL, S.A. ( AIC )  is accredited in the following areas:

-EHA - "Control area of the concrete, its components and steel reinforcements" from the February 17, 2006.

- GTC - "Area Surveys, sampling and in situ testing for geotechnical investigation" from the November 26, 2003.

- GTL - "Area of ​​geotechnical laboratory tests" from the May 11, 2005.

- VSG - "Area of ​​soils, aggregates, bituminous mixtures and constituent materials in vials" from the May 11, 2005.